Applying for Jobs

Applying for jobs sucks.  You read the  job description, know that you are more than capable, oh but they want 5 years experience with an off brand software that you have to google to even know what it does.  So I apply anyway, I know that I can learn anything (4th semester proficiency in Latin taught me that).  But what does the interviewer know about me?  Nothing, all they have to go on is a piece of paper that holds a paragraph of fluff about each of my previous jobs and my school performance.  That paper doesn’t say anything about me.  I am proud of my accomplishments, but they are not the measure of how hard I work, how creative I am, or how much energy I invest in learning everything.  They lie flat on a page, and do not give the real story.


And then I am done

Who could have guessed that being a full time student, wife, and mother of three would take up every waking moment of my time.  My first post introduced me as a student, and I anticipated documenting that part of my life.  But now, looking back, there was just not enough time to document anything.  The pace at the University of Texas at Austin is quite rapid, and I needed all of my spare time to ensure I would graduate.

I did graduate, on December 8th.  I am now the proud owner of 2 Liberal Arts Degrees.  A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and  a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, both with honors.  Now marks the beginning of the job search, and with any luck, a bit of time to document it.