Yesterday’s Big Adventure

Yesterday was President’s day, and as a gift from Past Presidents, I got to spend the day with 2 out of my 3 precious children.  To mark this special day and celebrate it in a fun way my younger kiddos and I installed Zombie, Run! on my phone, set it for a pandemic, and took off on a run.  And by run, I mean a walk with a few crazy being chased by zombie inspired sprints.

My son, who is always full of energy, took off out the door in a full sprint, followed by my slightly less enthusiastic daughter.  I joined in by far the slowest, plodding along.  It was quickly realized by all who was going to be zombie bait.  We darted up the street only to happen upon a swarm.  My son advised a different route, advise we were wise to heed, and we strayed from our usual path.  Everything seemed all clear until we were alerted that several zombies were aware of our presence.  We altered course again, with the aid of my sweet son, who stuck out both his arms and pile drove my daughter and I forward faster, we managed to avert disaster for a few brief moments.  Say what you will about the human race, but chivalry is not dead in my family, my son would not leave us behind.  Unfortunately the extra weight of his tiny sister and their not so tiny mother served to slow my son too much.  The last sound the phone made was AHHH BRAINS!  We had only completed half of the run at that time.  We figured we’re dead, why hurry, and we walked the rest of the way.

All in all, I enjoyed the heck out of the adventure with my beautiful babies (although they are teenagers, not babies) and hope to repeat the adventure soon.  Maybe we should set on a lower setting. In retrospect, I may not have been ready for a pandemic zombie attack!

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