I really do have a ton of things to do.  I have a dog that sheds enough fur to make at least one new dog every day, and entire 3600 square foot house that needs a deep clean, and a closet so out of control I could spend hours reorganizing it alone.  But the sun is out, and it is warm, and I have a book(or ten).


This is nothing new.  I await this time of year, slowly anticipating the “warm enough” weather to lay on the deck and soak up the rays of my beloved sun.  There is a window of time, February thru April, that the temperature is low enough and the rays are warm enough.  And it is here.  For a sun worshiper as faithful as I am, there is no way anything else is getting done.  So the house can stay messy, closet unorganized, and the dog can make a few fur pile  friends.  Until the sun traverses far enough across the sky to be blocked by the roof line of my house I am predisposed.  You know where to find me.

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